Northeastern University Held an International Cultural Experience Season.

Written By: Liu YongEdited By: Resource: Wang Yuhui
Update: 2018-10-19

On October 13, Northeastern University held an international cultural experience season. This event is divided into two parts, the Central Stage Performance and the International Cultural Exhibition Area, attracting more than a thousand people from both inside and outside the school to experience.

It's reported that the international cultural experience season is hosted by Foreign Studies College, Northeastern University, which aims at providing students with a series of special activities to experience international culture, broaden international horizons and cultivate international consciousness.It has been held seven times since its establishment in 2012, and it has won the excellent activity of ideological and political education for college students in Liaoning Province in 2014.The international cultural experience season includes a series of sub-activities such as the opening ceremony, the image ambassador selection contest, the foreign language song contest, the foreign language dubbing contest, and the closing party.

The opening ceremony of this international cultural experience season is based on the national exhibition area, supplemented by Chinese and foreign student shows, music and dance shows, musical instrument performances and so on.The opening ceremony  includes the central China exhibition area, four exhibition areas on the east which consist of the Polish exhibition area, the American exhibition area composed of South America and the United States, the Oceania exhibition area made up of Australia, and the Asian exhibition area composed of Japan and South Korea and two exhibition areas on the west which are made up of the

European area composed of the UK, Germany, France and Russia and African exhibition area,a total of 14 small exhibition areas.