Northeastern University Students Developed Wheeled Robot That Can Lean Forward 55°Low to Pick Objects.

Written By: Duan YaweiEdited By: Resource: Wang Yuhui
Update: 2019-03-04

Northeastern University students have developed a large-angle wheeled robot that can tilt forward 55°and lean over to pick up objects on the ground.By means of network and VR devices, the robot can follow any action made by people who are not in the same space,realizing the imitation in different spaces.

Recently, Wang Shixiong and other students, under the guidance of Lu Zhiguo, a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, have jointly developed and designed a two-arm wheeled humanoid service robot, which can replace human beings in handling affairs across time and space.Compared with the existing wheel-type robot in the country, the innovation of the robot is to realize the large-angle push-down action of the rake angle of 55 degrees, and can finish the tasks of picking and placing objects on the ground.However, the tilting motion is easy to cause the center of gravity of the robot to be unstable,so the wheeled robot generally does not design a bending mechanism or only has a small angle of the leaning function, which limits the range of the hand movement of the robot.The team innovated and designed the  link block leaning mechanism to realize the linkage between the knee joint and the hip joint. When the hip moves backwards and downwards, the robot's center of gravity shifts to a smaller extent, ensuring the overall stability of the robot.