The Industrial Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Northeastern University Was Founded

Written By: Duan YaweiEdited By: Resource: Wang Yuhui
Update: 2019-05-17

Recently, the Industrial Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Northeastern University was founded. The research institute, led by famous experts, focuses on the international advanced development of artificial intelligence. It takes the new future  generation of industrial automation and intelligence as the research object, and dedicates itself to the source innovation of basic theories and basic methods of industrial artificial intelligence, striving to take the lead in building a world-class innovation platform for the industrial artificial intelligence. Besides, it is also committed to making breakthroughs and innovations in key and core technologies of industrial artificial intelligence, and improving the ability and level to serve major national strategies and regional development and revitalization. It actively promotes the engineering and industrialization of industrial artificial intelligence technology, strengthens the multi-pole integration of school-and-school, school-and-institute, as well as school-and-enterprise, so as to accelerate the transfer and transformation of achievements. It can also promote the integration of science and education in related fields as a whole, and cultivate a number of first-class industrial artificial intelligence talents. It will coordinate and promote diverse and open cooperation to build a globally influential platform for academic exchanges and international cooperation on industrial artificial intelligence.