Northeastern University Won the Champion of the 18th China University Robot Competition for Four Consecutive Years

Written By: WangShiyuanEdited By: Resource: WangYuhui
Update: 2019-06-05

OnJune 2th, the 18th China University Robot Competition - Robocon Contest wassuccessfully concluded in Zoucheng City, which was also the final contest forthe north division. After the qualifying contest, group round robin and thesemi-final, Northeastern University won the champion for four consecutiveyears. They will attend the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest of this year inMongolia on behalf of China’s universities.

Thetheme of this competition is “Accelerating the speed”, originating from thepost-transmission system of information transmission by horses in ancientChina. For this purpose, it aims to fully exhibit the outstanding ability ofcontemporary young students to innovate and create and their competitive styleof struggle and progress, to stimulate scientific and technological innovationand to achieve scientific and technological dreams.

Afterthree days of competition, the final was finally played between teamsrespectively from Northeastern University team and Huazhong University ofScience and Technology. Finally, the team of Northeastern University won thechampionship, while Huazhong University of Science and Technology’s team camein second place, and teams of Wuhan University and Harbin Institute ofTechnology came in third place.

Itis reported that this competition, as a top-level competition in the field ofrobotics for college students in China, is an important platform to fullydemonstrate the robot production ability and high-tech application level ofcontemporary college students, further stimulate their scientific andtechnological interests, innovative and practical ability and cultivate futurescientific and technological talents. The competition attracted 76 well-knownuniversities and more than 3,000 people from all over the country, including 54universities and more than 2,000 people from the North Division, also theFinals.