Vice President Tang Lixin Was Invited to Attend the 11th China-South Korea University Presidents Forum

Written By: Wei ChugeEdited By: Resource: Wang Yuhui
Update: 2019-07-06

Tang Lixin, vice president of Northeastern University, led a delegation to attend the 11th Forum of Presidents of China and South Korea University from July 1 to 3. On behalf of Northeastern University, he delivered the first thematic report of Chinese universities.

Under the theme of “Neu Research Plan Based on System Engineering”, Tang Lixin made a thematic report from the following four aspects: the general situation of Northeast University, the development trend of international science and technology, the development strategy of school science and technology, and the research strategy of artificial intelligence. Tang Lixin said that Northeastern University, based on its historical development advantages and facing the latest development ininternational science and technology, will attach equal importance to academicpromotion and social impact, and strive to build a high-level research institution with deep integration of education, science, technology, engineering and management. The report was highly praised by officials of theChinese embassy in South Korea and representatives of universities attending the meeting. It received good response and expanded the influence of NEU.

During their stay in Korea, Tang Lixin and his entourage visited Gyeonghee University in South Korea, with a focus on the Institute of Engineering, the Institute of Electronic Information and the Institute of Software, and conducted special exchanges on scientific research and innovation system, interdisciplinary integration mechanism and the development of artificial intelligence. Tang Lixin said that Northeastern University would continue to deepen the cooperation between the two sides inmaterials engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, artificial intelligence and other disciplines based on the cooperation framework agreement between the two universities and scientific research cooperation and innovation through cooperative research, exchange of graduate students and joint training, so as to jointly promote the advanced scientific research level.

It is reported that the 11th forum of presidents of China and South Korea universities was hosted by Busan National University of South Korea. With the theme of “the future of higher education in China and South Korea in the era of globalization”, more than 100 representatives from more than 40 universities including Renmin University ofChina, Beihang University, Northeastern University of China, Central University, Jiangyuan University and Busan National University of South Korea were invited to attend. The forum of presidents of China and South Korea universities has provided good experience for the educational development of the two countries and the educational cooperation in Northeast Asia, and has become an important platform for the exchange of higher education between Chinaand South Korea.