President Ji Zhao Met with University of Technology Sydney Delegation

Written By: Edited By: Lei ZhangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2019-09-11

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Delegation headed by President Attila Brungs visited Northeastern University (NEU) on Sep. 4th. NEU President Ji Zhao and vice-President Jianchang Liu met with the delegation in the Center for International Academic Exchanges.

President Ji Zhao introduced the development history, school-running characteristics, and development direction of Northeastern University, while President Attila Brungs introduced the basic information of University of Technology Sydney, and indicated that he has full confidence in the future cooperation between the two universities.

The two sides expressed that, the preparatory work of establishing cooperative educational institution is proceeding smoothly, and look forward to accelerating the cooperation between the two universities and make substantial progress.