Northeastern University held the spring online mutual selection for the class of 2020 graduates

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Update: 2020-04-07

Recently, the spring online mutual selection for the class of 2020 graduates of Northeastern University officially commenced. As a big recruitment event with the largest scale and the most attention of graduates in Northeastern University every year, 600 employers from 28 provinces across the country recruit talents online, providing more than 40,000 high quality positions for our graduates. The number and the quality of participating units remain high.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control is still at a crucial stage, and the employment plan of some industries has been delayed, which has exerted a profound impact on the employment of college graduates in 2020. During the early winter vacation, the Student Guidance Service Center has started the preparatory work and delivered invitations to massive employers. By focusing on recruitment needs of employers and career objectives of the graduates, the center ultimately determined that 600 superior enterprises, including HUAWEI, Inspur, China State Construction, China Aerospace Science and Technology, China Aerospace Science and Industry, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, FAW, BOE, would participate in the mutual selection, covering 15 industries like manufacturing, information technology, construction, and education, with advanced units like centrally-run enterprises, world’s Top 500 and China's Top 500, accounting for more than 43%.

 During this mutual selection, employers have realized full networking from the participation registration, information confirmation, recruitment post to the screening out students’ resume, and graduates from the job hunting, resume delivery to online interview. Meanwhile, relying on the big data platform of Employment Information Network, the data of graduates' job applications are presented in real time, which shows the powerful advantages of information system in data analysis, and provides a scientific reference for the school to grasp the dynamic situation of students' employment and accurate help for the unemployed students. Graduates quickly adapt to the pace of online recruitment, browse enterprises’ information in advance, carefully prepare electronic resumes, and arrange online interviews. A total of 24,000 resumes have been sent out, and more than 4,300 online interviews have been conducted in the video interview hall.