16 Teachers of Northeastern University Selected into the 13th Batch of“Talents Project in the New Millennium”of Liaoning Province

Written By: Edited By: Lei ChangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2020-04-29

Recently, six departments including Human Resources and Social Security Department of Liaoning Province jointly issued the Notice on Publishing the List of Candidates for the 13th Batch of "Talents Project in the New Millennium” of Liaoning Province. After individual application, organization recommendation, expert evaluation, social publicity and other procedures, 16 teachers of Northeastern University are selected,  the number of which ranks first in Liaoning province.

The list of selected teachers is as follows:

Top 100: Yu Yongliang, Yuan Ye, Yi Hongliang, Zhou Ping, Cao Haijun;

Top 1000: Ji Cheng, Huang Xianzhen, Yang Jinzhu, Li Yuzhe, Jia Jianfeng;

Top10000: Sun Yongsheng, Liu Zhongqiu, Cai Zhihui, Guo Guibing, Sun Jie, Fan Jialu.

The "Talents Project in the New Millennium" of Liaoning Province aims to enhance the selection and training for candidates in various academic and technical fields, increase the funding for candidates in scientific and technological projects, expand the range of candidate choosing , improve the candidates’ ability to serve for Liaoning Province’s key industrial fields and key developing areas, and select young and middle-aged high-level talents researching in basic science and fundamental fields to compete for national level candidates.