Northeastern University Held Series of Professional / Industrial Special Online Mutual Selection for the Class of 2020 Graduates

Written By: Edited By: Lei ChangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2020-05-08

Northeastern University held series of the Professional / Industrial Special Online Mutual Selection for the class of 2020 Graduates of Northeastern University this month, in order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education on the employment of college graduates during the pandemic.

The Online Mutual Selection included special job fairs for the graduates of Metallurgy & Materials, Software, Art, Arts, Science, Information, Architecture & Mining, Computer, Machinery & Robot, Foreign languages, Management and Bio-medicine. Through various ways such as online interview of Mutual Selection, QQ groups, WeChat alumni group and information aggregation and distribution, etc, the Mutual Selection has attracted more than 1700 high-quality employers all over the country, which provided nearly 150,000 jobs of all kinds. More than 4,100 students from our university signed up and participated in the Mutual Selection and more than 8400 resumes were delivered.

Every school further integrated the achievements of the three-level employment market construction and alumni resources, brought the advantages of discipline construction into full play, and actively contacted the employing units related to the majors to register and attend.

During the pandemic, the Student Guidance Service Center and all the schools actively collected various recruitment information through multiple channels. They released information through Northeastern University Graduates Employment Information Network, QQ groups of graduate counsellors, QQ groups of schools, Wechat groups, point-to-point notification and many other ways to build a comprehensive mutual selection platform for graduates and employers.