Science and Technology Exchange Conference between NEU and Fushun New Steel Corporation of Jianlong Group Held

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2020-05-28

On May 21, the Science and Technology Exchange Conference between NEU and Fushun New Steel Corporation of Jianlong Group was held at Room 411 of the State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation. Yang Xianli, Vice-president of Jianlong Group and General Manager of Fushun New Steel Corporation, Wang Guodong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tang Lixin, Vice-president of NEU, were present at the conference. The heads of relevant departments of Fushun New Steel Corporation and NEU’s Sci-tech Department, External Liaison and Cooperation Department, School of Metallurgy, State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation, and Key Laboratory of Intelligent Industrial Data Analysis and Optimization of the Ministry of Education attended the conference.    

Yang Xianli systematically introduced the basic situation of Fushun New Steel Corporation of Jianlong Group from the aspects of corporate profile, business performance and development planning. Jianlong Group and NEU have established deep friendship and maintain close interaction in personnel exchanges, technical exchanges and other aspects. For a long time, NEU has made great contributions to the development of Jianlong Group by relying on its strength in talent training and steel technology innovation. To meet the requirements of high-quality development, Jianlong Group will give play to the geographical advantages of Fushun New Steel Corporation and NEU to further deepen cooperation between the two parties, constantly innovate in the ways of cooperation, expand the collaboration fields, strengthen construction of the project platform, and promote the common development of the two parties with the goal of establishing a new strategic partnership, said Yang Xianli.

Tang Lixin acknowledged Jianlong Group’s support to NEU over the years. With the goal of becoming a model of industry-city integrated development, a pioneer of intelligent manufacturing, a practitioner of green development and a leader of comprehensive service platform in the construction industry, Fushun New Steel Corporation has strengthened the new-type collaborative innovation relationship with NEU, which reflects the deep friendship between Jianlong Group and NEU, said Tang Lixin. Adhering to the “HSEV” scientific research strategy, NEU tries to promote in-depth integration of iron and steel manufacturing process and intelligent management, boost systematic technology innovation throughout the whole steel chain, strengthen the ecological environment for green, intelligent, efficient development of the iron and steel industry, facilitate time-sharing integration of science, technology and engineering, and submit a new answer sheet for serving the revitalization of the Northeast China and the transformation and upgrading of Fushun New Steel Corporation with education, Tang Lixin added.

Wang Guodong said that Fushun New Steel Corporation and NEU should be performance-oriented to build a platform for integrated innovation, and effectively transform geographical advantages into cooperation advantages. Both parties should closely focus on the production line needs and technological innovation and upgrading of Jianlong Group, aim at intelligent, green, high-efficiency and high-quality steel manufacturing, and make full use of the latest achievements in new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, so as to fully enable the high-quality development of Fushun New Steel Corporation, he added. Wang Guodong also stressed that both parties should maintain sincere cooperation, strengthen R&D of cutting-edge technologies based on the characteristics of the process industry and by centering on the whole process of steel technology and focusing on the promotion and application of technological innovation, effectively solve the bottleneck problems in enterprise development, and continuously enhance the lasting competitiveness of Fushun New Steel Corporation in related fields.

At the conference, the two parties carried out technical exchanges and discussions around the processes of iron-making, continuous casting, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing with the focus on the whole process of steel production.

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