Science and Technology Exchange Conference between NEU and CISDI Held

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Jiaxiang LiResource: 新闻网
Update: 2020-07-03

On June 29, the Science and Technology Exchange Meeting between NEU and CISDI was held at Room 406 of the State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation. Xiao Xuewen, Chairman of CISDI, Yu Weijiang, a director of CISDI, Zhao Ji, President of NEU, and Wang Guodong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, were present at the conference. The heads of relevant departments of CISDI and NEU’s Sci-tech Department, College of Resources and Civil Engineering, School of Metallurgy, and State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation attended the conference.

In the new era and under the new situation, CISDI has been focusing on the new demands of industrial structure adjustment, industrial upgrading, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, as well as innovation in and R&D of new technology, new processes, new materials and manufacturing methods. It gives play to the advantage of integrated solutions guided by high-end consulting, aiming to create greater value for clients’ transformation and upgrading, Xiao Xuewen pointed out. “I hope this Science and Technology Exchange Conference will promote the strategic cooperation between enterprises and universities and drive the progress and development of the industry,” he added.

President Zhao Ji expressed that NEU has been maintaining good partnership with China Minmetals Corporation and MCC. He said NEU will further deepen cooperation with CISDI, continue to give play to its characteristic advantages in the aspects of technological innovation and in-depth industry-university-research integration, accelerate transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and further strengthen competitive advantages of both parties in the R&D of key generic technologies and leading-edge technologies. “I hope both parties will give full play to our respective advantages, further strengthen technological exchanges, push forward in-depth cooperation, accelerate integrated innovation in industrial chain and innovation chain, and realize complementation and coordinated development,” he added.

Wang Guodong introduced NEU's scientific research achievements and key technologies in the aspects of ore dressing, iron making, continuous casting, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing around the whole process of steel production. He pointed out that the cooperative innovation between enterprises and universities should focus on leading issues in the steel industry and key generic technologies that restrict the development of enterprises; face the steel production trend of “intelligent, green, efficient, and high-quality”; develop disruptive, leading and original technologies; form an innovation mode that integrates technology, equipment, products and services; and drive China’s iron and steel industry to become a leading iron and steel industry cluster in the world.

At the conference, both parties had in-depth exchanges centering on the cooperation background, expected goals, typical performance, scientific and technological development, the construction of CISDI Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, and the development of key R&D projects, and preliminarily defined the specific direction of cooperation between the two parties and follow-up liaison mechanism.