NEU Students win 4 First Prizes in MEICC

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Update: 2020-10-09

The “Yongguan Cup” 11th MEICC Finals and Awarding Ceremony were held in the Liaoning Friendship Hotel from September 4th to 6th. All of the 4 entries prepared by the students majoring in Material Forming and Control Engineering under the guidance of Zhang Yanjing and Zhao Dazhi, teachers at the School of Material Science and Engineering, were awarded the first prize. The team, made up of members including Hao Jiaqi, Zheng Hao and Zhang Tianfang, won the best popularity award.

The competition was officially started in October 2019 and attended by 295 entries from 64 colleges, divided into 39 groups of undergraduate entries and 5 groups of postgraduate entries.

In the finals, the NEU students explained some problems about the components of their works, including the technical rationality, parameter calculation, drawing, documentation and verification. The four groups of players, who stated their design ideas clearly around their creation designs in the oral defense, received unanimous praise from the expert judges present. Finally, 18 undergraduate players won the first prize while 2 postgraduate players won the first prize in the competition.

The “Yongguan Cup” MEICC is an innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students majoring in material forming and control engineering, co-hosted by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) and the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, etc. The competition is founded in order to serve actual production by enhancing Chinese college students’ ability to study independently, put ideas into practice and make technological innovations, develop a team spirit in them and improve the communication and cooperation among domestic universities. This is also taken as an opportunity to promote the reform of practice teaching of relevant specialties, the upgrading of teaching methods and the training of outstanding polytechnic specialists in the institutions of higher learning to boost the development of modern manufacturing in China.