NEU Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sinosteel

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2021-06-23

In the morning of June 17, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement between NEU and Sinosteel Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. was held at the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Continuous Rolling Automation. Lu Pengcheng, Chairman, Hua Guanglin, Executive Deputy General Manager, and Wang Chunlei, Brand Public Relations Director of Sinosteel, as well as Xiong Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Sun Lei, Vice President of NEU, and Wang Guodong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the signing ceremony. Relevant persons in charge of NEU Institute of Science and Technology, Institute of Low-Carbon Steel Frontier Technology, School of Resources and Civil Engineering, School of Metallurgy, School of Materials Science and Engineering, etc., and the persons in charge of the Low-Carbon Metallurgy and Energy Engineering Department of Sinosteel participated in the signing ceremony.

At the meeting, Sun Lei and Hua Guanglin signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. According to the agreement, the two parties will conduct all-round cooperation in the fields of low-carbon metallurgy, metallurgical auxiliary materials, hydrogen energy utilization, solid waste disposal and intelligent manufacturing, to realize the research and development, demonstration and application, and project promotion of key tasks. The two parties will conduct comprehensive exchanges and cooperation in technology research and development, personnel training, and application of achievements, establish a regular communication mechanism, and promote the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement.

Before the meeting, Mr. Lu Pengcheng and his group visited the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Continuous Rolling Automation of NEU.