The Yangtze River Scholar Program

    Distinguished Professor of The Yangtze River Scholar Program” by the Ministry of Education

    Disciplinary Fields

    Natural Science, Engineering Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences.


    1. Candidates in natural science and engineering technology should be under 50 and candidates in humanities and social sciences should be under 55.

    2. Candidates generally should possess a Ph.D. degree and work in teaching and researching positions; Overseas candidates generally should be associate professors or in other equivalent positions in top universities, and domestic candidates should be professors or in other equivalent positions.

    3. Candidates should be qualified to teach core courses; have strong academic ability and make important achievements recognized by the industry at home and abroad; have originality and strategic thought and the ability of leading his or her discipline to match the international advanced level; have strong leading ability and coordinate ability to lead the academic team to solve problems.

    4. Candidates should obey the professional moral rules of higher education institutions with the spirit of hard-working and contribution.

    5. Candidates should be a full-time teacher and be in the position for one year after signing the recruitment contract.

    Preferential Treatments

    1. Northeastern University will provide essential scientific and research conditions and assign corresponding assistants to coordinately build the academic team.

    2. Northeastern University will provide scientific and research fund for at least 5 million RMB (at least 2 million RMB for art, management and other disciplines).

    3. Northeastern University will provide apartment-purchase subsidy for at least 1,200,000 RMB.

    4. The nation will provide 200,000 RMB reward per year per capita during the five-year employment period.

    5. Professorship of Grade II.

    6. Arrangement for his or her spouse.

    The Date of Application

    Please contact us at any time. The annual exact date for application is on national notice which shall prevail. Please pay attention to the website of the Ministry of Education:

    Chair Professor of The Yangtze River Scholar Program by the Ministry of Education

    Disciplinary Fields

    Natural Science, Engineering Technology, or Humanity Society.

    Requirements & Qualifications

    1. Applicants should in a line for teaching and scientific research, generally should be a high level professor in university or other corresponding positions.

    2. Applicants should be academically advanced with research achievements recognized by domestic and foreign experts from the same fields.

    3. Be honest, rigorous, dedicated, and respect scientific spirits.

    4. Successful applicants should work at the university for at least 2 months annually.

    Relevant Treatment

    1. Offer necessary scientific research conditions.

    2. Each can be offered 30,000 yuan as bonus per month by the country during the period of employment (up to three months each year).

    3. The university can provide apartment-renting subsidy during the period of employment.

    Date of Application

    Please feel free to contact us. The exact date every year for application on national notice shall prevail. At the same time please pay attention to the ministry of education website: