Academician of Chinese Academy

Lu Zhongwu

Lu Zhongwu,born in Shanghai on October 2nd, 1929, graduated from postgraduate courses of metallurgical furnace, Northeast Institute of Technology (Northeastern University, 1953). He became a Professor in 1982 and Ph.D. Supervisor in 1986 at the department of thermal engineering of metallurgy, and he became the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1997. He once served as the President of Northeastern University during 1984-1991, member of discipline appraisal group of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and deputy director of Chinese Society for Metals. Now he serves as a member of China Environmental Advisory Committee, and a member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Academician Lu first developed the shaft furnaces pneumatology based on the potential flow method, and derived the Theorem of Gas Refraction, which is 10-year earlier than German Prof. Yexia. Academician Lu first derived the fundamental equation of thermal engineering for flame furnaces, and introduced the corresponding empirical equation, which has been successfully applied in the energy-saving reconstruction of furnaces. He first introduced the concept of "Energy Bearer", the "e-p" analytic method of energy consumption, and the "Standard Material Flow Diagram", basing which he set up the systems energy conservation method and technology for the metallurgical industry.

Academician Lu first proved that the main reason for the shortage of steel scrap within China's iron and steel industry is the continuous rapid growth of China's steel production; under that condition, it is not suggested to strongly enlarge the scale of EAF steel mills. This judgment has been widely accepted by the scholars and managers from iron and steel industry.

With the metaphor of "tunnel through the Environmental Mountain", Academician Lu elaborated the relationship between development and environmental pressures during the construction of a new-type industrialization road; based on this view of point, he introduced the "decoupling indicators" and "decoupling chart" and successfully used them in the case studies on national level.

Academician Lu introduced the "following-observing method" for substance flow analysis, which has been successfully applied in the studies of metal cycles of China. He first developed the mechanism of steel output growth of China, and proposed that the first choice of energy saving and emission reduction for iron and steel industry was controlling China's steel output.

When Academician Lu was the President of Northeastern University (NEU), he emphasized "Education" and "Research" as the operation principles of NEU, and designed the guideline of serving for both metallurgical industries and local areas. At the same time, he actively promoted the international academic exchanges. When he was the president of NEU, the government of Shenyang City adopted his suggestion of setting up "Nanhu Science and Technology Development Zone" and "University Science Park", which was proved to be a successful action.

Academician Lu published 15 books and more than 220 papers. Under his supervision, 20 graduate students got their Ph.D. degrees. He got the Award of Science and Technology Progress (national level, 2nd grade), the Award of Guanghua Engineering Science, the Award of Yaroslav Wisdom (Ukraine), and the titles of National Teacher Model and Outstanding Expert of Liaoning Province.