University Logo & University Motto & University Song

University Logo

In 1929, Professor Lin Huiyin designed the logo of NEU, featuring Changbai Mountain and the Heilongjiang River, the typical landscape of northeast China.

The NEU logo used in 1933.

The NEU logo designed and used in 2003.

University Motto

The university motto was inscribed by Wang Yongjiang, first president of NEU and then acting governor of Fengtian Province.

The university motto was inscribed by Zang Qifang, first president of National NEU.

The university motto of the Northeastern Institute of Technology (1950.08~1993.03)

The current university motto is the combination of “seeking unremitting self-improvement” originally inscribed by NEU’s first President Wang Yongjiang, and “integrating knowledge and action” inscribed by former president Zhang Xueliang.

University Song

In 1929, former president Zhang Xueliang invited Liu Fu (Liu Bannong) to write the lyrics of the university song and Zhao Yuanren to compose the music. Later, the song was adapted and improved by the famous composer Lv Yuan.