Academician of Chinese Academy

Zhang Siying

Professor Siying Zhang was born in Zhangqiu, Shandong, China on April 5,1925. He graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Wuhan University in 1948, became a professor of Northeastern University, Liaoning Province, in 1978, a Ph. D. supervisor in 1983, and was elected a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997.

He has made significant contributions to automatic control, which has been successfully applied to weapon development in China. He is an author or co-author of 1 book named "Differential Games", and over 320 papers. For differential games theory, he has proposed the qualitative maximum principle and its broad prospect in application. He has received the Third-Grade Awards of National Science of China, and First-Grade Awards of National Science and Technology Progress of China in 1987. For Stackelberg game, he has received the Second-Grade Award of National Science and Technology Progress of China in 1992. In the nineties, he opened up a new direction for research on symmetric and similar structures and control rules of complex control systems, and gained innovative research achievements in these fields. He has received First-Grade Award of National Science and Technology Progress of China in 1995. In 1978, he attended the research on "Red Arrow Anti-tank Missiles-73" and received the Award of Advanced Worker who makes a significant contribution at National Science Conference. He also received the Award of outstanding contributions in the establishment and development of metallurgy military in 1993.

He was a member of Chinese National Disciplinary Appraisal Group, and Chinese National Natural Science Foundation Discipline Review group. He has been an Editor of journal of Control and Decision, was an Editor for the Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, a branch of control theory of Encyclopedia of China, an Associate editor for the Information and Control. He was a member of editorial board of journal of Acta Automatica Sinica, Control Theory and Applications, System Science and Mathematical Sciences, Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences, Military System Engineering. And he was an executive director of the Chinese association of automation. In 1990, he was awarded the "National College of Advanced Science and Technology Workers" by State Education Commission and National Science and Technology Commission, "Model Worker" in Liaoning province, "Special Model Worker" in Shenyang, "National Labor Medal" in 1998, and "Liaoning Province Meritorious Teachers" in 1999.