Research Center

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Magnesium Alloys, Liaoning Province

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Magnesium Alloys was approved by Liaoning Province in 2005. It is based on Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) of Northeastern University. There is one research building of 3800 m2 and foundry of 800 m2. To install the electromagnetic casting machine, underground construction of 300 m2was carried out, including a pit of 8 m, water supply and drainage, power supply and discharge system.

In the platform of light alloy electromagnetic continuous casting, research projects are selected to meet the most urgent needs of national and local engineering constructions, key scientific topics, and industry technology developments. Relying on this platform, key electromagnetic casting technologies and processes for light alloys are developed. Collaborations between international institutions are established to apply the newly developed technologies to construction and industry production. Innovative professionals are trained for the metallurgy industry, especially for the rejuvenation of the old industry base of northeast part of China. It also provides theoretical basis and key technologies for Liaoning province to build international competitive manufacturing and raw material bases.

For years, with the support of national “211”, “985” and “Double First-rate” projects, innovative casting technologies for aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and copper alloys are developed with higher efficiencies. Some of these technologies have already been applied in industries and brought significant economic benefits.

Currently, there are 19 faculties in this center, among which 11 are professors, 6 associate professors and 2 lectures. There are mainly three research directions: electromagnetic continuous casting of magnesium alloys, manufacturing of magnesium alloy sheets, and new magnesium alloy design.