Research Center

Engineering Research Center for Process Technology of Nonferrous Metallurgy, Ministry of Education

The center is established by taking the non-ferrous metallurgy, the national key discipline of Northeastern University as a specific executive unit. It utilizes the advantage of talents and technical achievements of national key discipline non-ferrous metallurgy in Northeastern University to implement limited goals, key outstanding focused and independent innovation strategy, so that existing scientific and technological achievements can be transformed into key technology suitable for engineering and high-value-added metallurgical products with independent intellectual property rights, and the ability of independent innovation will be enhanced.

Key construction projects:

(1) Build technology development platform of energy saving and emission reduction of non-ferrous metallurgy.
(2) Build technology transformation platform of energy saving and emission reduction and the production of high-value-added metallurgical products.
Technology transformation platform of energy saving and emission reduction: ①new energy reservation technologies transformation platform of aluminum electrolytic process;② technologies transformation platform of special metallurgy;③ technologies transformation platform of pressure hydrometallurgy.
Technologies transformation platform of the production of high-value-added metallurgical products mainly takes metal borides and carbides, thermophilic and arsenic resistance leaching bacteria, high purity silicon powder, high purity metal and special alloy as the leading products.
(3) Establish technical services open base: create scientific and technological innovation heights, offer a comprehensive range of services for the whole country in the field of non-ferrous metal metallurgical technology.