Research Center

Advanced Materials Preparing Technology Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education

The Advanced Materials Preparing Technology Engineering Research Center of Education Ministry has been approved to set up by Ministry of Education in 2001. The Center is relying on materials science, materials processing engineering, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy and other disciplines. There are 36 faculty and staff members, including 11 professors, 10 associate professors and 15 scientific and engineering technicians.

Center has undertaken a number of national "863", "973", key program, general program and other scientific research and basic research topics in 10 years. More than ten kinds of advanced materials research and development in metal foams, variable ultra-light magnesium alloy materials, aluminum composites, aluminum electrolytic anode materials were studied independently. The center has been engineering technology development and pilot study for the purpose and mainly engaged in materials engineering technology incubators and technology achievements.

Mature technology projects: aluminum foam and its deep processing products, fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composite material technology, fly ash reinforced aluminum matrix composite material and application technology, ultra-light magnesium lithium deformation alloy preparation techniques, Mg-Al layered composite sandwich materials preparation technology, aluminum electrolytic inert anode and other items.

Address: Northeastern University Shenyang Liaoning
Name: Yao GuangChun
Telephone: 13609875026