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Process Industry DigitalizedInstrument Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center

The Process Industry Digitalized Instruments Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, which was authorized built by Ministry of Education, was established in Oct. 2007. Supported by National Key Subject of the Northeastern University, namely, the subject of Control Theory and Control Engineering, Computer Science Application Technology, and Ferrous Metallurgy, the Research Center has become an important research base fordomesticindustry digitalized instruments. With the guidance of the transformation of scientific and technological innovations and industrializationin the field of digitalized instrument, the Research Center takesadvantage of talent and technological achievements of the Northeastern University National Key Subject including Control Theory and Control Engineering, Computer Science Application Technology, and Ferrous Metallurgy, contributes to national economic construction, aims at limit target, engages in focusing strategy and independent innovation, emphasizes on system integration and development, transforms existing scientific results into key technology for engineering and high-tech products whichowning intellectual property, improves thesustainable ability of independent innovation, raisesthe level of domestic industrial instrument technology and core competitiveness, pushes forward the process of industry technology and development.

Process industry, such as Metallurgy Industry, Power Industry and Chemical Industry, is the pillar industry of the national economy. Themajor equipment of these process industrial enterprisesis an integration of various technologies and numerousdevices, which havethe characteristic of large scale, multiple parameter and complex process. Currently, thanks to digitalization, intellectualization and network technology, the development of international process industry instruments presents the tendency of high-reliability, multi-function and high-applicability. Until now,although our domesticprocess industry instrument productshavehad certain market share in low-level product,we still have to import high-level product due to the lack of reliability, accuracy, digitization and intellectualization compared with the international advanced technique.

Based on the status of the process industry instrumentsof our country, the Research Center concentrate onnot onlyMetallurgy Process Industry, but also someother related process industry such as Power Industry and Chemical Industry, especiallydevote to the research on measuring instrument, control instrument, and some other related instrumentor device.

Research Field 1: Complex parameter measurement technique and device research of process industry

1. Infrared radiation temperature measurement theory and technology
2. Multiphase flow parameter measurement theory and technology
3. Computer industry process tomography
4. Computer vision theory and technology

Research Field 2: Fault diagnosis technology and system research of complex industry process

1. Fault tolerant control theory and technology;
2. Fault diagnosis theory and Integrated optimization technology;
3. Embedded network technology for equipment intelligent;
4. Fault diagnosis system for real-time operation management platform technology

Research Field 3: Detection, optimization control technology and system research of major energy equipment

1. Comprehensive detection of energy consumption, control system real-time modeling theory and algorithm;
2. Comprehensive detection of energy consumption, control system structure;
3. Research on performance appraisal system for comprehensive index optimization of energy consumption;
4. Comprehensive detection of energy consumption, information integration of control system and supporting technology;

Based on the research mentioned above, on the one hand, we are aiming at expanding the market share of domestic measurement instrument by promoting technique level of product through the digital technology, on the other hand, we are striving forresearching a new generation of high-level digital instrument and automatic device, shaping the image and brand of domestic instrument, changing the passive situation thathigh-level instruments are heavily dependent on import.

Name: Prof. Xie Zhi
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