Key Laboratory

Key Laboratory of High-end Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools, Liaoning Province

The target of Key Laboratory of High-end Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools is to build the international first-class base for the research of high-end numerical control, to serving national development and rebounding the base of northeast old industry. It will build the domestic first-class research and academic environment, first-class research echelon, first-class innovative product, and first-class talents. Also it will build a domestic first-class and advanced features comprehensive technical support system including modern design, manufacturing, analysis and design verification, and other functions.

Laboratory currently has a fixed number of 47 and 38 members have a doctor degree, including 13 professors, 11 associate professor, 9 doctoral tutors, and 3 experts with a high level. At present, there are 31 visiting staffs in the laboratory, including 10 professors and 14 associate professors. In recent years, the laboratory has undertaken 17 national scientific research projects, 20 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, and 25 enterprises projects. The total research incomes are more than 15 million yuan. Currently members of the laboratory have gained 9 national patents, published more than 500 papers, and won 7 provincial and ministerial awards. Laboratory now has a scientific research area of 5000 square meters, and the fixed assets have reached 65 million yuan.

There are more than forty various processing facilities and monitoring instruments, including ultra-high speed grinding machine, CINCINNATI robot, flexible robot, CNC grinding machine, CNC milling machine, turn-milling center, NC rotary table with vertical/horizontal double-duty, ultra-precision plane lapping experiment system, three-dimensional micro-cutting system, four-axis precision ultrasonic processing system using in hard and brittle materials, three-dimensional die machine, ultraviolet curing rapid-prototyping machine, virtual reality system, precision optical grinder, three-dimensional surface profiler, fluorescence microscope, infra-red thermograph, and geometrical error measuring system based on network.

The main research directions of the laboratory include high-end CNC machine tool digital design and manufacturing technology, high-end CNC machine tool advanced institutions and drive technology, CNC parallel mechanism and CNC parallel machine tool technology, micro-NC machine and micromachining technology, modularity design technology of CNC machine tool control system. The laboratory is equipped with 9 parts including product comprehensive design lab, networked machine tool, digitization and virtual design lab, rapid prototyping lab based on high-end CNC, pivotal machinery production technique lab, high-end CNC machine tool technique lab, digitization and networked manufacturing lab, minitype NC milling machining lab, servo drive and functional unit, NC system lab, machine tool quality monitoring and fault diagnosis lab.

As a key laboratory of high-end CNC machine tools which has an open, shared and other innovative mechanisms, it sets up scientific research and cooperative relations and builds a research platform based on open scientific research mode with Shenyang Ligong University 、Northern Heavy Industries Group、Shenyang Machine Tool Group 、Shenyang Blast Group and Shenyang Smelter Group successively. The platform construction not only pursuits high level equipment, but also focus on opening, sharing and relying on the existing resources of the laboratory to provide social services such as instrument sharing, equipment testing and other services. For example, UV curing rapid prototyping machines, virtual reality systems and precision optical grinding machine existing in laboratory as relatively scarce experimental instrument are opened and shared to society.

The testing equipment, such as 3D surface profiler, fluorescence microscope, infra-red thermograph and the precision measurement system for geometric error based on network, are used to conduct testing for society. At the same time, about 150 computers and engineering software high-end graphics workstations, web-based collaborative design platform, product digital innovation design theory system working platform, product innovation design digitization and virtual design system research platform for typical complete sets of large equipment establishment, mechanical products manufacturing geometric error visualization remote online monitoring and forecast experiment system based on web in the environment of workshop including digital geometric parameters testing experiment system, geometric parameters virtual instrument, product manufacturing error and online interaction analysis, diagnosis experiment system of quality are available for society. So that produce, learn and research are combined better.

With the process of laboratory construction in the future,The major scientific researches will focus on digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing for high-end machine tool. The cooperation between enterprises and laboratory about significant scientific research will provide high-end machine tool design, manufacturing and related technical services for enterprises, which will serve the prosper of Liaoning province even old industrial base in northeastern area. This can make contributions to the economic construction and the progress of science and technology, also it can cultivate more high-level talents.