Key Laboratory

Key Laboratory for Special Steel Metallurgy of Liaoning Province

The Key Laboratory for Special Steel Metallurgy of Liaoning Province, relying on Ferrous Metallurgy discipline, the key national discipline in Northeastern University, was prepared to set up in 2006, and accepted by the Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province in 2011.

The laboratory focuses on the frontier fundamental and strategic high-tech researches, dedicating to constitute the new theory, method and technique for special steel metallurgy. By means of cultivation of the high-quality talents and construction of the innovation research base, the laboratory will become an interdisciplinary and open research center with the domestic leading, international famous level in the field of special steel metallurgy, which plays a significant role in the scientific and technological progress of metallurgical industry in China.

In present, the laboratory consists of six research fields as following:
(1) The development of special steel and design of metallurgical process;
(2) Clean steel smelting process and special metallurgical technique;
(3) Transfer process of metallurgical multiphase and reaction engineering;
(4) Intelligent control and equipment technology of metallurgy process;
(5) Green metallurgy and comprehensive utilization of resources;
(6) High quality refractory and accessory materials.