Key Laboratory

Liquid Crystal Functional Polymer Scienceand Engineering, Liaoning Key Laboratory


Liaoning Key Laboratory of Liquid Crystal Functional Polymer Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, officially founded in 2005, aims at facilitating teaching and research. It contains the doctor’s and master’s degree of polymer chemistry and physics, and master’s degree of organic chemistry. There are 13 full teachers, including 5 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and 2 technician in the Center. Two of them were awarded New Century Excellent Talents of the Education Ministry, and Bai level of Liaoning BaiQianWan Talents.

Main Research Fields

■ New liquid crystalline polymers
■ Biological macromolecules and Biodegradable liquid crystalline Polymer
■ Polymer composite Materials
■ Nanoparticle Assembly and Hybrid Membrane
■ Order Polymer Microstructures and their Optical Functions
■ Synthesis and application of surfactant
■ Capture and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide

Research Projects & Achievements

In recent years, our scientific researches were mainly supported by more than 20 research projects including 973 and 863 projects from MOST, projects from NSFC etc. We have published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers in domestic and international journals. The three research achievements were awarded National Second-Class Technical Invention, First-Class Natural Science of Liaoning province, and First-Class Technical Invention of Liaoning province. 11 invention patents in China were achieved.

Teaching Activities

The Center offers courses of Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Chemical Principle, Functional Polymer, Polymer Testing Technology, and Liquid Crystalline Polymer for undergraduate and graduate students. Each year about 4 doctoral and 23 master students graduate.

Academic Exchanges

The Center for Molecular science and engineering has active academic cooperation and scientific exchange with domestic and international scholars. These scientific activities help to broaden the knowledge of our students.

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