Key Laboratory

Key Lab of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials, Ministry of Education

Key Lab of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials(EPM), Ministry of Education, located in Northeastern University, was founded in August 2000. The laboratory has 51 faculties including 44 researchers (with 15 professors and 18 associate professors), 4 technicians, and 3 administrative members. Researchers include 1 Outstanding Young Scientists (National Natural Science Foundation), 6 New-Century Training Programme Foundation for the Talents (Ministry of Education).

The EPM has set up three major research directions: materials science in high magnetic field, electromagnetic metallurgy of steel and electromagnetic metallurgy of nonferrous metal. Researches in EPM focus on key scientific and technological issues in multidiscipline fields of energy, materials, chemistry, and physical science.

With the existing national investments on university constructions (“211 project” and “985 project”), the laboratory has grown into a well established and an internationally recognized institution. With continuing national investments, the laboratory will continue to grow both in hardware (i.e., more advanced equipments) and personnel (scientists) quality so that the laboratory will be an influential international research camp and academic exchange center in the near future.

During the past two decades, members in the EPM are responsible for 80 research projects ranging from basic research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, The Ministry of Science and Technology of China, The Ministry of Education of China, and Liaoning Government to applied research projects sponsored by companies, with total funding over 100 million Ұ.

Members in the EPM have made respectable contributions to the electromagnetic processing of materials of China. During the past two decades, remarkable progress has been made in the fields of high magnetic field, materials, electromagnetic hydromechanics, solidification and heat treatment of metal under electromagnetic field and electromagnetic casting. The accomplished researches were awarded 1 National (1st) Award on Advancement of Science and Technology, 7 liaoning Natural Science Award and a number of other awards.


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