Key Laboratory

Introduction of Key Laboratory of Vibration and Control of Aero-Propulsion Systems, Ministry of Education of China

The Key laboratory of Ministry of Education for “Vibration and control of aerodynamic equipment” was established in 2013. The Key laboratory is supported by three key disciplines of Northeastern University, such as Mechanical design and theory, Control science and engineering, and Computer science and technology. The following four advantage directions were set up: 1: Vibration and control of aerodynamic equipment’s structural systems; 2: The multidisciplinary integrated optimization design of aerodynamic equipment; 3: Fatigue and reliability design and evaluation of aerodynamic equipment; 4: Fault diagnosis and health management of aerodynamic equipment.

The director of the lab is the professor Xie Liyang, the academic committee director is academician Li Tian who is affiliated to AVIC Shenyang airplane Design Institute, Deputy Director of the academic committee is academician Gao Jinji who is member of Beijing University Of Chemical Technology. Academician Wen Bangchun and professor Xie Liyang are as the core of science and technology innovation team, tightly around the national strategy and major goals that relying on scientific and technological progress to invigorate the equipment manufacturing industry and revitalize northeast old industrial base of the equipment manufacturing industry. High-level science and technology innovate platform is built, which is facing to the design of aero dynamic equipment and the manufacturing intelligentialize, and its investigated characteristic are vibration and control. Furthermore, national major project is undertook and the original signature achievements were obtained, and high-level scientific and technological personnel were trained. In order to promote our country’s science and technology innovate capacity of aerodynamic equipment and make enterprise get the remarkable economic benefits, and distinct characteristics and advantages are realized. For the strong requirements of national defense constructions, taking the requirements of aerodynamic equipment’s important technology as the laboratory's direction and overcoming the design and manufacture challenge in the productive process of aerodynamic equipment,and guaranteeing the reliability and prolonging service life of production. Finally, the achievements and scientific research of the laboratory construction are translated into economic and social benefits, playing an important role in improving the technological competitiveness of China's aerodynamic equipment products and the revitalization of national defense industry.