Key Laboratory

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education on Safe Mining of Deep Metal Mines

The Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education on Safe Mining of Deep Metal Mines was approved to establish by Ministry of Education in December, 2011. Aiming at the critical problems demanding prompt and urgent solution on evolution mechanism, prediction and prevention of rockburst and high temperature disaster during deep metal deposits mining process, the purposes of the laboratory are to carry out the research of the evaluation method of the complicated engineering rock-mass's stability and disaster evolution process, disaster control technology, safe and efficient mining technology of deep metal mines, to propose the hazard analysis and forecasting theory system of deep mines based on the background of mine geology, the mechanics of deep rock mass and computer and information sciences and establishing the basic theories and design guidelines of safe and efficient mining technology of deep mines in our country, enhancing the overall research level in the field of the exploitation of deep resource. There are four research directions set up by the laboratory as follows:
(1) Research on the characteristics of geological occurrence and deep geological structures of deep metal deposits;
(2) Dynamic regulation theories of deep rock mass mechanics and lithostatic stress;
(3) Basic theories of deep mining and safe and efficient mining technology;
(4) The risk monitoring and evaluation technology of the whole process of deep mining.

There is rigorous academic team which has a rational composition in terms of intellectual background and age, but the courage to bring forth new ideas as well: the number of the teachers is 30 at the present, among them: there are 2 Chang Jiang Scholars and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,2 New Century Talents Project Scholars on national level,4 Scholars of New Century Excellent Researcher Award Program from Ministry of Education of China, and the number of the full professor is 16,the associate professor is 7,the laboratory engineer is 3 and the lecturer is 4.

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