School of Business Administration (SBA)

In 1994, School of Business Administration (SBA) of NEU was founded based on the Department of Business Administration of the Law School of NEU (1939), the Teaching and Research Group of Enterprise Organization and Planning (1960), the Teaching and Research Group of Management Engineering (1978), and the Department of Management Engineering (1980) of Northeastern Institute of Engineering. Through the unremitting efforts of several generations, especially the growth in China's reform and opening up over the past thirty years, SBA has developed into an important and influential academic organization.

There are 101 full-time faculty members in the School, including 23 professors and 48 associate professors. 1 special professorship of the Yangtze River Scholar Program of the Ministry of Education, 1 National Natural Science Distinguished Young Scholars Fund receiver, 4 members of Supporting Plan of the New Century, and 5 provincial and school –level renowned professors.

The School provides three types of programs: doctoral program, master program, and undergraduate program. There are 7 undergraduate programs (Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Industrial Engineering, Information Management & Information Systems, Finance, and International Economics & Trade); 8 graduate programs (Management Science and Engineering, Enterprise Management, Accounting, Engineering Economics and Management, Quantitative Economics, Industrial Economics, International Trade, and Finance); 7 professional master degree programs (EMBA, MBA, Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Logistics Engineering, International Business and Accounting); and 3 doctoral degree programs (Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, and Applied Economics). SBA has three key disciplines of Liaoning province (Management Science and Engineering, Enterprise Management, and Industrial Economics), one discipline carefully cultivated of Liaoning province (Finance), one key research base of humanity and social science for tertiary schools of Liaoning Province, two Model programs of Liaoning Province (Industrial Engineering and Accounting), and one executive training base in Liaoning Province (Industrial Engineer teaching team).

There are 3,111 students in SBA, including 354 doctoral students, 390 full-time postgraduate students, 1,193 undergraduate students, 594 MBA students, 244 EMBA students, 336 master of engineering students. Since its foundation, there are over 5,000 undergraduate students and over 2,000 postgraduate and doctoral students having graduated from SBA. Most of our graduates have become management elites bearing important responsibilities in the development of Chinese society.

SBA has 1 National Quality Course, 1 National Quality Video Open Class, and 3 quality courses of Liaoning Province. SBA has won 5 teaching awards and 17 research awards from the Ministry of Education or Liaoning province. From 2003 to 2012, it has won nearly 80 research projects from National Natural Science Foundation or National Social Science Foundation. In 2012, nearly 200 academic articles have been published by faculty members of SBA. The total amount of research fund reached nearly 7 million RMB.

In recent years, SBA has educational and research cooperation with more than 20 companies. Conforming the trend of globalization of higher education, SBA is also actively involved in academic exchanges and overseas cooperation, meanwhile it has established extensive cooperation relationships with business schools of universities in the world, such as St. Joseph's University, University of Southern California, California State University, Iowa State University, and Carnegie Mellon University in USA; Aoyama University, Kyushu University, and Kitakyushu University in Japan; City University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University in China's Hong Kong; Kyungsung University in Korea, Dublin City University in Ireland and other management and business schools in Germany, Belgium, Canada and China's Taiwan. Especially, under the cooperation with Carnegie Mellon University and Aoyama University, SBA has offered the first distance learning course "Management Game" in China, which is a unique feature of our MBA education.

In the future, the School will continue to follow the principles of modern management and economic development, keep with the social demand, and make great efforts to nurture and develop advantageous disciplines. It will strive to achieve the objectives of raising the quality of teaching and research, cultivating talents with skills in economic management, and constructing first-class business school with worldwide recognition.