Engineering Laboratory of Efficient Mining and Utilization of Refractory Iron ore Resources, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Based on the majors of mining engineering and mineral processing at Northeastern University, the focus of key laborotary of efficient mining and utilization of refractory iron ore resources is to develop new technologies, including green mining, innovative mining methods and smart mine technology, as well as clean mineral processing technologies, development of new flotation reagents and innovative mineral processing equipments, for the clean and efficient use of iron ore resources. The total investment is 38 million RMB for the construction of rock movement prevention and control remote monitoring platform, rock mechanics parameters inversion platform, pre-enrichment-suspension roasting-magnetic separation (PSRM) platform for refractory iron ores, innovative energy-saving ceramic ball (IECB) stirring mill design and manufacturing platform, and short coal-based reduction process (SCRP) platform for refractory iron ores.

The aim of key laborotary of efficient mining and utilization of refractory iron ore resources is to achieve clean and efficient use of refractory iron ores. Through an effective management system, interdisciplinary cooperation and the introduction of outstanding talents, a high-level mining and mineral processing technology R&D and engineering application team has been established, which provides a technical and intellectual support for the efficient mining and utilization of refractory iron ores in China. At present, we are currently promoting the application of PSRM, IECB, and SCRP technologies. It is expected that 10 billion tons of refractory iron ore resources can be re-used, and the recovery rate can be improved by more than 10% by application of the above techniques. Our ultimate goal is to turn the provincial key laboratory into a national key laboratory by improving the independent innovation ability and international competitiveness of China's iron ore industry.

Since 2017, we have completed the laboratory renovation and laboratory management system reform. The professorial responsibility management model has been for trial implementation, which fully mobilizes the team members' research enthusiasm. In August 2017, the laboratory teamed up with Chaoyang County Government and Chaoyang Tianma Group Co., Ltd. established the Chaoyang Dongda Mining and Metallurgical Research Institute, which includes pilot-scale fluidized magnetization roasting, flotation separation and magnetic separation systems. The construction of these semi-industrial pilot test platforms will help achieve rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The laboratory has signed 15 horizontal project contracts with several companies such as Ansteel Group Corporation, Xinbo Technology, JISCO Group, Zhaojin Group, etc. The number of technical services has been more than 20, and the amount of scientific research funding has exceeded 26 million RMB. Meanwhile, the laboratory obtained 11 national invention patents, and established 3 industry standards, including the metallurgical and mine safety standardization assessment indicators and metallurgical waste slag stacking safety guidelines.

In January 2018, relying on the research results of the laboratory, Northeastern University established the “Liaoning Dongda Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.” with Chaoyang Tianma Group in the form of technology shares, and realized the conversion of scientific and technological achievements by 51 million RMB.