Engineering Laboratory of Rolling Process Control, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Facing the strategic, forward-looking and universal issues for the development in rolling field, the laboratory organizes the basic research of high level application and engineering promotion of advanced technology, and gathers and trains outstanding talents. With the engineering application research as the emphasis, the rolling technology and its automation as the object, as well as the national needs as the background, major national scientific research projects are proposed, organized and undertaken. Aiming at the general scientific problems and key technical problems included in the development of rolling process control field, self-dependent innovation is carried out to provide technical support for the sustainable development of iron and steel industry and to lead the technical progress of the industry. To achieve the advanced level for the rolling process control technology, foresight technology reserve and high level talent training are carried out to promote the engineering laboratory as a base for providing high-tech prototypes. The main research directions include: The comprehensive automation of rolling process, which uses information and intelligent technologies to reform the traditional industry of rolling, and provides technical support for improving the comprehensive automation level of material forming; High quality, low cost rolling process development of metal materials, which develops new rolling process, new theory and new technology to promote the technological progress and industrial upgrading of steel rolling industry.