Key Laboratory of High-end Equipment Intelligent Design and Manufacturing Technology, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Based on the first-level discipline “Mechanical Engineering” of Northeastern University, Key Laboratory of high-end equipment intelligent design and manufacturing technology, Liaoning Province serves for local and national major technical requirements and economic development, and focuses on the basic and key generic technology research for digital design and intelligent manufacturing of the high-end equipment and system containing high-grade CNC machine tool, tunnel boring machine (TBM), intelligent robot and flexible intelligent manufacturing system; research of advanced design theory and process technique; basic software development of the high-end intelligent equipment design and analysis; research of green remanufacturing theory, new industrial research including cloud computing and big data technology, visualization technology, networked technology and artificial intelligence technology; research of advanced production and management pattern in enterprise; research of foundational and forward-looking technologies; high level talented person cultivating of master, doctor and postdoctoral researcher in the area of digital design and intelligent manufacturing of the high-end equipment.

The major research areas are the theory and method of digital design, technology and process technique of intelligent manufacturing., equipment and key functional parts of intelligent manufacturing, theory and technology of green remanufacturing, process technique and characterization of functional film, intelligent monitoring and management of the high-end equipment, etc.