Key Laboratory of optical fiber sensor and advanced measurement technologies, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The Key Laboratory of optical fiber sensor and advanced measurement technologies (Liaoning Province) is based on the first-class national key discipline of control science and engineering, covering the doctoral degree station of detection technology and automation device (one of the first two doctor stations of this subject in our country, the second-class national key discipline), and three master degree stations of the second-class disciplines which are the detection technology and automatic equipment, circuit and system, and microelectronics and solid state electronics, and professional master degree station of control engineering. Taking optical fiber sensing and other advanced detection technology as research object, based on multidiscipline intersection, combining new sensitive materials, sensitive devices and physical effects, the laboratory conducts comprehensive research from basic study to application on detection of key parameters in important fields, and is devoted to solving key scientific problems in the field of detection technology and realizing technological innovation needed for sustainable development. The laboratory takes on and participates in the national key scientific and technological research projects, key construction projects and basic research projects, and organizes and participates in cross-industry joint research and development.

The laboratory has undertaken over 60 projects with a total scientific research funds, including the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 plan, National 973 Plan, the Ministry of education's new century outstanding talent plan, the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of education, National Defense Fund, other provincial and ministerial science and technology funds as well as the enterprise horizontal joint projects. The laboratory members has been awarded 1 award for national scientific and technological progress and 6 scientific and technological awards at provincial and ministerial levels; have published over 500 articles, including more than 300 SCI papers (3 ESI papers); and have applied more than 40 patents.

The main research fields in the laboratory include: (1) the theory and key technology of new optical fiber sensors; (2) the characteristics of new optical sensitive materials and devices; (3) nanostructured metal oxide gas sensing chip; (4) new sensing technology for ocean parameter detection; (5) micro sensor components and micro energy system.

The laboratory has a galaxy of talent, including 1 special professor of “the Yangtze River Scholar Award program” by the Ministry of Education, 1 winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2 winners of the National Excellent Youth Science Foundation, 1 candidate for the middle group “youth thousand people plan”, and 2 winners of the “New Century Excellent Talents in University” by the Ministry of Education of China, and 2 winners of the “Liaoning Bai-Qian-Wan Talents” by Liaoning Province.

In the future, the laboratory will continue to persist the scientific development, seize the opportunity and keep exploiting and innovating, to promote the development of advanced sensor science and technology fields in our country, and to build up a well-known top-class laboratory which has strong research and development capability, advanced facilities and reasonable team structure, and become a high level platform of sensor innovation research and development and an academic exchange center.