Key Laboratory of Metallurgical Sensor and Technology, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The Liaoning Metallurgical Sensor and Technology Key Laboratory has a long history and excellent academic theory. It has over 70 years of research experience in the fields of metallurgical sensors and gas sensors. Owing to the development of the key discipline “Metallurgical Physical Chemistry” and Liaoning province key discipline “Chemical Technology”, it has already become a first-class lab and the base for research and development of high and new technology achievements, cultivation of high-level talents, and high-level academic activities.

To solve the technical requirements of metallurgical enterprises, the laboratory focus on the fundamental theoretical research and technology development for metallurgical intelligent sensor material, high temperature gas sensor material, key assistant material of sensor, and new metallurgical sensor measurement system, which can be used as the sensor carrier material and equipment for information measurement of metallurgical process. Based on the fundamental research experience on the fabrication and property of sensing materials, the fabrication method of a series of materials was concluded, the standard of measurement and analysis methods for the structure, composition, and property of materials were established, and the fundamental theoretical of sensing functional materials was elucidated.

Currently, the lab has formed a stable and high-talented research group. Until now, 28 permanent faculty members and 14 visitors are included in the lab, among which 8 members are professor, 11 members are associate professor, and 9 members are lecturer. They have received their PhD degree from Peking University, Wuhan University, Central South University, Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hirosaki University, and so on. Among them, 19 members have ever been to abroad to pursue their research as visiting researcher.

Under the financial supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science-Technology Support Plan Projects, National High-tech Research and Development Projects (863), National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973), and National Key Research and Development Program, the metallurgical sensors of oxygen, lanthanum, yttrium, hydrogen, silicon, manganese, chromium and the gas sensors of hydrogen, oxygen, CO, SO2 were developed, and a series of fabrication methods for sensor key functional materials and sensor materials were proposed. Also, a number of important research achievements in the field of metallurgical sensor materials have been achieved and the cooperation with metallurgical enterprises has been established. The research topics of the key lab are focus on: (1) metallurgical sensor material, (2) high temperature gas sensor material, (3) sensor key assistant material, (4) sensor processing and packaging, and information collection and processing technology.