Key Laboratory of Manufacturing System and Logistics, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The corresponding discipline of Liaoning Key Laboratory of Manufacturing System and Logistics is Systems Engineering which is a national key discipline. The laboratory takes the national development demands as the guideline and the regional economy service as the main goal. Through the close integration with information technology, the laboratory mainly focuses on the worldwide frontier areas including industrial data analytics and optimization, machine learning, production planning, scheduling, optimization and control of logistics, integrated automation technologies of manufacturing systems. After years of efforts, the laboratory has achieved systematic innovative research results, and gradually become the support base for sustainable development of process industry, modern logistics & services, energy & power industry and other mainstay industries. The laboratory has established a successful example for high-tech industrial transformation and traditional industries upgrading and played a very important role in reviving the old industrial base.

As the director of the laboratory, Lixin Tang is the Chair professor of the Cheung Kong Scholars Programme by Ministry of Education, receiving the Chinese Youth Science and Technology Award and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth. The laboratory has undertaken the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Cheung Kong Scholars Program by Ministry of Education, National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation and 863 other important programs. Based on the in-depth studies about the key issues including production planning, scheduling & logistics optimization, until Jan 2018, the laboratory has published 259 papers on journals and proceedings, where 82 papers are published on OR, M&SOM, NLR, EJOR, IJPR, IEEE Trans, C&OR, JORS, IJMS, IJPE, IECR, ISIJ, etc.

The ideal academic environment and superior research conditions of the laboratory have cultivated the abilities of the students. After graduation, they got the positions in universities of United States, England, France and other countries as professors, lecturers or post-doctorals, or in well-known agencies and companies such as the AT&T, Bell Laboratories of United States, PSI Corporation of Germany, Baosteel Group of China, Huawei Technologies of China, etc.