National Engineering Laboratory of Vacuum Technology Equipments

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Update: 2019-01-25

National Engineering Laboratory of Vacuum Technology Equipments ("Engineering Laboratory") was established on November 18th, 2008, which has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission ([2008] No.2646). It is the only national engineering laboratory in the vacuum field in China. The engineering laboratory aims to focus on the demand of advanced vacuum equipment in industries such as Large Scale Integrated Circuits and high-performance materials to carry out the research on clean vacuum acquirements, clean vacuum component preparation, and clean vacuum sealing. We aim to break through the key major equipment and complete sets of process, core components and subsystems preparation technology, and develop advanced vacuum technology complete equipment, improving the international competitiveness in the field of vacuum technology in China.

The main function of the laboratory includes the provision of intermediate experimental verification platforms for the development of advanced vacuum technology equipment based on clean vacuum technology, which has become a bridge and link for the application of basic research and industrialization. Establishing the engineering laboratory and building technical innovation and support system for vacuum technology equipment at the national level provide support and services for the development of key industries such as integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, high-performance materials, and major scientific equipment, which also provides independent intellectual property rights for the development of vacuum industries to meet the long-term development of vacuum industry and the national strategic need.

The engineering laboratory implements the director responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. The impersonal entity of the engineering laboratory is the SKY Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chinese Academy of Sciences. The co-construction unit is the KYKY Technology Co., Ltd. Northeastern University and University of Science and Technology of China are cooperating units of the project. As an important part of the engineering laboratory, Northeastern University has established experimental platforms such as the dry vacuum pump theoretical verification platform, the vacuum and surface application laboratory, and the dry vacuum pump integrated test platform. Dechun Ba, professor of Mechanical Engineering and Automation in our school, is the chief academic leader of the national engineering laboratory. Yichen Zhang and Kun Liu serve as members of the academic committee of the engineering laboratory.

Board members include: Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences Planning and Finance Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences High Technology Bureau, SKY Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chinese Academy of Sciences, KYKY Technology Co., Ltd., University of Science and Technology of China, Northeastern University, Shenyang Vacuum Technology Research Institute, Beijing North Microelectronics Equipment Research Center Co., Ltd. The engineering laboratory has the operation management department, the intellectual property office, the standardization office, and the project team. The laboratory has a research team with strong strength, reasonable structure and international influence. Through the implementation of a long-term cooperation mechanism with innovation, open, and win-win, it will further break through the bottleneck restriction in the development of key industries.