Engineering and Technology Research Center of Special Steel Electrometallurgy, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The research center was founded in 2012. It is based on steel metallurgical discipline resources, technology, talents, achievements and technological advantages of industrialization engineering; The achievements of new special steel electrometallurgy technology, new technology and new generation of new generation of resource saving special steel have been studied mainly to solve the problem of high technology steel materials that restricts our national economy sustainable development and national security strategy. It meets the needs of important engineering, equipment construction and many national economy areas for the special steel materials. The main research directions are shown below:

(1) Electrometallurgical technology of special steel;

1) High quality special steel electric arc furnace steelmaking process technology;
2) Development of special smelting technology for special steel;

(2) Development and processing technology of high quality special steel varieties;

(3) Technology of special steel electric and metallurgical equipment;

The center has the basic housing which is for research and validation of the single project and the supporting public facilities that include environmental protection, fire control, labor safety facilities. Among them the housing construction area in the university is 3086 m2, which include the thermal simulation platform workshop area (668 m2), the office and testing equipment (2418 m2). It already has expectations of research development and engineering verification ability, built special steel metallurgical thermal simulation platform and complete testing equipment system. Laboratory equipment is already in place and works normally. Documents, drawings, materials and the file are complete. According to relevant state financial system, we perform the financial statements and it has clear accounts, complete formalities, perfect management. It has formed the integrated operation system from the laboratory test, the bigger test, even to industrialized mass production and has the service ability for special steel production process development and large equipment manufacturing of major projects.

The total number of Center at present has more than 50 people (including fixed staff that has more than 30 people) and the personnel scale and structure is reasonable. It establishes talent incentive mechanism and flow system. The main person in charge have the entrepreneurial spirit and management ability. It establishes the supporting management system and operational mechanism that adapts to the development of the center and it also has perfect management system and the organization.

The center has now become a leading domestic and international first-class steel metallurgical technology and equipment research and development center. Innovation and breakthroughs have been achieved in the whole innovation chain and the whole industrial chain of metallurgical theory, technology and equipment for special steel. Many research achievements have been realized in more than 20 large domestic steel enterprises, such as BaoSteel, AnSteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, TaiSteel, Northeast Special Steel, Benxi Steel, XingCheng Special Steel, PanSteel, NanSteel, Xingsteel, Xing Gang, ShiSteel and so on. It is the focus of China's iron and steel enterprises, especially for our country. Special steel enterprises have created significant economic benefits.

The center has 7 provincial scientific and technological awards, it has undertaken more than 40 research items that include National 863 projects and enterprise researches etc. The total amount of scientific research funds has reached about 23.00 million yuan, and 23 patents have been approved, including 22 invention patents (including 1 American patents). The electric slag furnace, vacuum furnace and multi-function refining furnace developed by ourselves have been applied in more than 20 domestic steel enterprises, which have achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and promoted the technical progress of special steel industry.

The Center has become an important force of technology innovation system of the Northeast University that promotes the cultivation of talents and disciplines construction. It establishes the cooperation system in research and production with many of China's steel enterprises and provide good technical consulting and personnel training.

The Center can realize benign cycle of economy, the strategic goal is clear, recent engineering task is in implementation clearly.