New Progress in Anammox Technology of Northeastern University

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2020-07-17

New progress in anammox technology was made recently by Professor Zhu Tong's team from the Institute of Process Equipment and Environmental Engineering of School for Mechanical Engineering and Automation, which was published on WaterResearch, the top international journal on water environmental ecology, titled Anovel Coupling Process with Partial Nitritation-anammox and Shortcut Sulfurautotrophic Denitrification in a Single Reactor for the Treatment of Highammonium-containing Wastewater. The JIF (Journal Impact Factor) of this journal in the past five years is 9.639 (NatureIndex 1.0). The first completion institution of paper is NEU, and the first author is Zhang Kuo, a doctoral student from School for Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and the corresponding authors are Professor Zhu Tong and Associate Professor Wang Youzhao.

Anammox technology is one of the emerging high-efficiency technologies for sewage treatment in recent years, according to reports, the deep development and research of which is helpful for the removal of ammoniacal nitrogen contaminant of medium and high concentration in wastewater. A coupling of sulfur autotrophic denitrification technology and anammox technology is used to deal with part of the nitrate nitrogen contaminant produced during the reaction process is brought up in this paper. After the integratation and optimization of key parameters on the basis of this new system, the removal rate of total nitrogen contaminant in the reaction system reaches 98% under high ammoniacal nitrogen load. The sulfate byproducts amount is reduced by 60% compared with the conventional anammox-sulfur autotrophic denitrification two-step process. The high mechanism efficiency of this process is demonstrated by microbiology high-throughput sequencing, isotopic tracer and other analysis methods in the paper, which provided theoretical basis for the high efficiency of this new coupling system and process, and offered new ideas for the application of anammox technology during wastewater treatment.

Additional news  Dozens of research results of Professor Zhu Tong's team in recent years have been published on top environmental journals such as Chemical Engineering Journal (JIF 10.625), Journal of Hazardous Materials (JIF 9.038), Bioresource Technology (JIF 7.539), Journal of Cleaner Production (JIF 7.491), Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (JIF 7.489), Science of the total environment (JIF 6.551), etc.