Sun Qiuye’s Team from NEU Won the First Prize of CAA for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2020

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2020-12-03

On November 7, the Chinese Automation Congress (CAC) 2020, sponsored by the Chinese Association of Automation (CAA) and presented by Tongji University and Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems, opened at Shanghai International Convention Center. Nearly 3,000 scientists and technicians from the domestic automation field participated in the offline conference. During the conference, the project New Energy Internet Collaborative Control Technology, Equipment and System completed by teachers Sun Qiuye, Ma Dazhong, Zhang Huaguang, Liu Xinrui and Huang Bonan from NEU’s College of Information Science and Engineering won the first prize of CAA for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2020.

Through more than 10 years of hard research, with the support of the key funds of NSFC, the National Key R&D Program of China, and major forward-looking projects and research projects of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), this project has established a set of new energy Internet collaborative control technology, equipment and system with completely independent intellectual property rights. It has realized energy balance within the homogeneous energy grid, energy balance between various types of energy grids, and overall energy balance in the new energy Internet, thus having effectively solved three main difficulties that the new energy Internet is facing, namely difficulty in the synergy of pluripotent terminals, difficulty in the mutual aid between pluripotent grids and difficulty in the stability of the whole energy grid.