NEU and DFMC Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2021-04-14

On April 2, the signing ceremony of a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between NEU and DFMC was held in Dandong. Zhang Rui, Vice-mayor of Dandong City, Sun Lei, Vice-president of NEU, and Bao Liangqing, Chairman of DFMC, were present at the ceremony. Relevant leaders of the Organization Department of Dandong Municipal Party Committee, Dandong Development and Reform Commission, Dandong Science and Technology Bureau, and Dandong Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the leading group members and technical backbone of DFMC, as well as the heads of the Sci-tech Department, the External Liaison and Cooperation Department, the Academic Affairs Department, the College of Resources and Civil Engineering, the College of Information Science and Engineering, the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and other related units of NEU, attended the ceremony.

According to the agreement, both parties will follow the “14th Five-year Plan” of the country to do a good job in “upgrading time-honored brands, developing in-depth original brands, and cultivating new brands”. The two parties will carry out comprehensive, pragmatic cooperation in such aspects as scientific research, talent cultivation, technical cooperation, achievement transformation, and joint development of R&D platforms in the fields of online detection and analysis of mineral resources, intelligent mine geology resources management, and 3D mining design software, so as to achieve deep integration of industry, education, research and application.

Before the ceremony, Sun Lei visited the Major Scientific Instrument R&D Center and the Intelligent Control System Debugging and Development Center of DFMC to have an in-depth understanding of the development of DFMC in the field of intelligent manufacturing.