Academician Gan Yong delivered lecture at NEU

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2021-05-12

On April 29th, Academician Gan Yong, an outstanding alumnus of NEU and former vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to deliver the first lecture at the Centennial Celebration Lecture Hall of NEU. Xiong Xiaomei, Party Secretary of NEU; Wen Bangchun, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Wang Guodong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; leaders of NEU; heads of departments of the university; and representatives of teachers and students attended the lecture. Vice President of NEU Sun Lei presided over the lecture.

Gan Yong said that the new material technology would help China transform its mode of science and technology development from following the lead of other nations to keeping pace with other nations to overtaking other nations. He hoped that NEU would give full play to its advantages in process industry and steel metallurgy, actively participate in the formulation of China’s new material development strategy, and promote the green and intelligent development of China's steel industry with its high-level achievement in scientific research.

Sun Lei said that Gan Yong's lecture had innovative thinking, crisis awareness, pioneering spirit, distinct themes, rich content, detailed data and huge amount of information. He said that Gan Yong had made a good start for the centennial celebration of NEU with his wonderful lecture. Sun Lei said that he believed that in the near future, more wonderful lectures would be delivered at NEU.