CAS Academician Duan Guangren Gave an Academic Report to the Teachers and Students of NEU at Qinhuangdao

Written By: Edited By: Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2021-12-03

On November 2, professor Duan Guangren, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), delivered an academic report titled State Space Approach VS All-wheel-drive System Approach to the teachers and students of NEU at Qinhuangdao in the Conference Room 728 of the Renwen Building. Relative heads of NEU at Qinhuangdao and representatives of the teachers and students of the School of Control Engineering attended the meeting.  

Academician Duan Guangren analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the control system theory based on the state space approach in accordance with the development of the modern control theory, introduced the definition, modeling and model transformation, and analysis and design methods of the all-wheel-drive system, comprehensively and systematically represented the basic scientific problems and approaches of the all-wheel-drive system, and established a new control theory research system. Duan Guangren pointed out that the development of control theories has come to a new crossroads. He encouraged the teachers and students present to start from the most basic scientific problems and explore the original innovation research of basic theories and core technologies, so as to make greater contributions to the scientific and technological progress in the field of automation in China.