NEU Students Was Invited to Attend the Awarding Ceremony of China Innovation Methods Competition and Received the Commendation

Written By: Edited By:Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2023-03-20

On February 27, the TV Challenge & the Awarding Ceremony of China Innovation Methods Competition 2022 was held at the Media Theater of Tianjin Haihe Media Center. It was co-hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government. As a special competition, the winners of the gold, silver and bronze awards of China TRIZ Cup College Student Innovation Competition were invited to watch the TV challenge and receive commendation at the awarding ceremony. NEU won two places in the top 6 gold, silver and bronze awards in China TRIZ Cup College Student Innovation Competition. Zhu Cuilan, TRIZ Innovation Competition supervisor from the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Chu Yichen and Tan Ziang from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation went to Tianjin as the representatives of the gold and bronze award-winning teams. They showed the charm of innovation methods together with many innovation method enthusiasts from enterprises and universities.

China Innovation Methods Competition focuses on the practical application of technological innovation methods, management innovative methods and other innovation methods in R&D, production, learning and life. It aims to promote innovation methods, cultivate innovative talents, promote innovation culture in the society, and cultivate fertile soil for innovation. Since initiated in 2016, the competition has become the most important and influential special event in the field of innovation methods in China and even the world. Themed Strengthen innovation and self-confidence, promote self-reliance and self-improvement, the current competition was divided into three parts: Enterprise Innovation Methods Competition, TRIZ Cup College Student Innovation Competition, and Industrial Engineering Innovation Methods Competition. The top 10 winners of the first prize for the Enterprise Innovation Methods Competition participated in the TV challenge. The winners of gold, silver and bronze awards for the TRIZ Cup College Student Innovation Competition and special awards for the Industrial Engineering Innovation Methods Competition were invited to the scene and received the commendation.

At the awarding ceremony, Sun Longde, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yuan Yingjin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and relevant leaders of the organizers and undertakers were invited to present awards to the winners. As the only national gold award winner of China TRIZ Cup College Student Innovation Competition, Chu Yichen from NEU was invited to participate in the interview of the program Jing Guang Fei Chang Dao by Tianjin Economic Radio, where he shared his participation process and harvest.“Innovative methods provide important support for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. By learning innovative methods, we can broaden our train of thought, get out of our rigid thinking, and make better innovative products,” Chu Yichen said in the interview.

NEU has been attaching great importance to promoting innovative methods. It has listed China TRIZ Cup College Student Innovation Competition as one of the six-star competitions that NEU participates in and actively constructed a chain competition organization model of “special courses - pre-competition coaching - targeted improvement - entrepreneurship incubation”. Since the launch of the competition in 2022, NEU has been actively organizing selection activities. There were 119 works registered in the NEU intramural competition, up 72.4% year-on-year. After going through the selection in provincial and national competitions, NEU students finally won 51 provincial awards and 32 national awards, and won the only national gold medal, which is also the first gold medal Liaoning Province won. NEU ranks first among universities in China for the number of award-winning works.

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