NEU Held 2023 Graduates’ Spring Two-way Choice Job Fair

Written By: Edited By:Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2023-04-03

On March 21, the 2023 NEU Graduates' Spring Two-way Choice Job Fair was held at the Liu Changchun Gymnasium and the Badminton and Table Tennis Hall in Nanhu Campus. Xiong Xiaomei, secretary of the NEU Party Committee, and heads of relevant departments communicated with business representatives and heads of various colleges on the scene to understand the development of business and demand for talents of the industry and enterprises, and employment of graduates. As a large-scale job fair with the highest attention among graduates of NEU, it was the first large-scale “Two-way Choice Job Fair” that restarted offline campus recruitment. This spring fair enjoyed a high attention and attracted key employers from a variety of key trades and fields to actively participate in the event. A total of 352 employing units from all over the country have joined the campus job fair to recruit talents providing more than 19,000 high-quality positions for our graduates. The number and quality of employers continue to maintain at a high level.

Leaders of NEU have attached great importance to the significant role of this spring Two-way Choice Job Fair in promoting graduates' comprehensive and high-quality employment. Prior to the fair, leaders in charge repeatedly inquired about the organization of the job fair and the progress of graduates' job hunting and their choice of occupation. They presided over a meeting to coordinate the Two-way Choice Job Fair, requiring relevant departments and colleges to clarify the division of labor, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, reinforce the guidance on employment, and accurately recommend graduates to proper positions offered by the employers, so as to successfully achieve the employment target this year. In addition, relevant departments held a dedicated mobilization meeting for counselors, who are required to take this Two-way Choice Job Fair as an important opportunity to actively guide graduates to make rational choices, hunt jobs actively, and get employed as soon as possible.

Since the commencement of the employment of graduates in 2023, NEU has strengthened its mission and commitment, innovated its work model, and systematically promoted its efforts in terms of mechanisms and systems, and strengthened guidance with precise services. To actively respond to challenges such as the continuous rise in the total number of graduates, the unabated number of previous graduates and overseas returnees, and the increasingly prominent phenomenon of slow employment, NEU quickly formulated and launched high-quality post-pandemic employment plan that promoted more comprehensive and higher quality employment for graduates. On the one hand, NEU will expand the employment market in key areas identified in the national development strategy, start to visit enterprises and look for more positions, hold special open-day activities for doctoral candidates in key enterprises, and build a cloud matrix of employment information to make recruitment and job hunting networked and accurate. With the support of the achievements of the three-level employment market construction of university, institute and discipline, NEU successfully established partnership with Northeast Five Schools Employment Collaboration, regional governments, and industry associations, etc., in both online and offline manners. Up to now, NEU has held 336 offline job fairs, 28 group job fairs, 615 air lectures, 13 large-scale online two-way choice job fairs, as well as released 5,863 pieces of job information online, and posted 1,023 WeChat tweets. A total of nearly 4,000 employers, including China Academy of Engineering Physics, Huawei, Inspur, ZTE, Baowu Group, FAW Group, China State Construction Engineering, AVIC, CRRC, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, CASIC, CNNC, Haier, Midea, BOE, Geely, Tencent, Baidu, and other Fortune 500, Chinese central-state-owned enterprises, China Top 500, and key enterprises of the industry, conducted online or offline recruitment activities in our university. On the other hand, NEU will strengthen the construction of the employment ideological and political work system, hence guiding graduates to direct their personal ideal pursuit to the new journey of Chinese path to modernization through policy interpretation, typical publicity, and curriculum teaching, etc. NEU lays emphasis on building a career development guidance system and a training system for consultants that combine universal guidance, classified guidance, and personalized guidance with the support of curriculum platform, activity platform, and consultation platform. NEU has created valuable classes for national college employment and entrepreneurship, held Employment Policy Promotion Month, Youth·Success Forum, Spring Recruitment and Autumn Recruitment Action, and NEU Career Cloud Course. With NEU Career Design Studio, a characteristic career consultation studio of Liaoning Province, NEU has continued to develop personalized guidance services such as one-on-one resume preparation guidance, and provide precise assistance to special graduate groups and groups who have failed in their postgraduate entrance exams, helping students plan their careers rationally, improve their professional qualities, and enhance their ability to hunt a job. Students' attention to recruitment information in key areas of national development such as steel and metallurgy, aerospace, and new energy has been remarkably increased. Therefore, they attended the job fair in person to make the scene busy.

At the same time, NEU constantly carries out surveys on graduates' employment willingness and their employment status, employment competence diagnosis of students, and the needs and evaluation of employers. It prepares a Graduate Employment Quality Report, which provides a reference basis for understanding students' employment trends and providing accurate assistance to unemployed students. With the help of the big data platform of the employment information network, Two-way Choice Job Fair provided real-time presentation of employers' demand and graduates' data on the site. The statistics indicated that more than 3,200 person-times of students participated in this spring Two-way Choice Job Fair, which received a total of over 8,000 resumes.

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