NEU and GHNTC Jointly Established the Northern Institute of Advanced Medical Research

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Update: 2023-04-07

On March 30, the signing ceremony of the Northern Institute of Advanced Medical Research jointly established by NEU and GHNTC was held in the NEU International Hotel. GHNTC President Lu Hui, Political Commissar Zhang Wenjiao, Vice-president Wang Huishan, and relevant department leaders attended the signing ceremony. Xiong Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party Committee of NEU, Feng Xiating, President of NEU, Wang Xingwei, Vice-president of NEU and leaders of relevant departments were present at the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Xingwei.

Xiong Xiaomei said that GHNTC boasts a long history and strong technical force with a high reputation in and out of military circles while NEU is a university devoted to national construction of “first-class universities and first-class disciplines, which has distinctive advantages in electronic information, biomedical engineering and other fields. Highly complementary, the two parties enjoy a solid foundation and broad space for cooperation. It is hoped that the two parties will take the contract signing as an opportunity to jointly guarantee the people’s life and health and carry out deeper and higher-level cooperation in cultivating top-notch innovative talents, building high-quality faculty, promoting in-depth integration of information technology and medicine, and developing forward-looking cooperation topics so as to establish scientific and stable cooperation mechanisms through exchanges and interactions. The two parties should build a new mode of collaborative education for medical talents with special characteristics, cultivate and introduce high-quality teachers, organize multidisciplinary joint research and promote together achievement transformation. Thus it forms an innovation system featured industry-university-research-medicine integration to facilitate realization of mutual benefit and win-win results and common development, and jointly open a new chapter of hospital-university cooperation, Xiong Xiaomei added.

NEU, a university permeated with tradition of patriotism, is to celebrate its centennial this year. In the past hundred years, NEU has been adhering to the motto of striving constantly for improvement,behaving in conformity with truth, and sharing a common destiny with our country and nation. It is the dream place of numerous students for study, Lu Hui expressed. On behalf of all the officers and soldiers of GHNTC, he saluted the centenary of NEU. GHNTC has a glorious history of 75 years with indomitable tenacity and resilience. The two parties not only are capable of cooperation with solid foundation, but also have accomplished good cooperation achievements at the early stage and forged profound friendship in cooperation. The disciplines of life science and medicine are the strategic layout and important content of the first-class universities and first-class disciplines construction of NEU. The establishment of the institute can provide strong support for the construction of life science and medicine disciplines of NEU. It is hoped that both parties will deepen cooperation, promote the high-quality development of the institute, and jointly develop a model for practicing the synergy of hospitals and universities and the integration of medicine and industry, so as to make new and greater contributions to the realization of people's health and the construction of a healthy China, Lu Hui said.

Feng Xiating expressed that NEU is carrying out a new three-year campaign to build a first-class university, and vigorously driving the implementation of life and health cultivation projects. The institute aims to integrate the scientific and technological forces of military, local and the university to build a new platform, promote the in-depth integration of medicine, biology, materials science, artificial intelligence and information technology, collaboratively explore the integration of medicine and industry to cultivate top-notch innovative talents, and realize new breakthroughs in the field of biological science. It is hoped that the two parties will work together for common development, turn their vision into fruitful cooperation results, build the institute into a special zone for cultivating first-class and high-end medical science and technology talents and a base for medical research and innovation, and make greater contributions to practicing the four aspects, deepening military-civilian integration, and facilitating the development of education and medical and health undertakings.

Lu Hui and Feng Xiating jointly signed the Cooperation Agreement between NEU and GHNTC on Co-building the Northern Institute of Advanced Medical Research.

Zhang Wenjiao and Xiong Xiaomei unveiled together the nameplate of the Northern Institute of Advanced Medical Research.

The institute will thoroughly implement the military-civilian integration development strategy, the innovation-driven development strategy and the workforce development strategy, and carry out scientific research in such fields as medical imaging, medical informatization, medical artificial intelligence, and medical humanities. Through in-depth crossing and integration, the institute will cultivate new discipline growth points, stimulate the endogenous driving force of discipline development, explore new ways to integrate medicine and industry and cultivate top-notch innovative talents, and promote deep crossing between information technology and medicine. The two parties will build the institute into a special zone for cultivating first-class and high-end medical science and technology talents and a base for medical research and innovation, develop a top-notch innovative talents training system and first-class faculty for the high-level integration of medicine and industry, enhance the ability to solve major frontier scientific problems in interdisciplinary fields such as emerging intelligent medicine, and promote scientific and technological innovation and regional economic and social development.

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