The 2022 International Conference on the Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application (Shenyang) Held at NEU

Written By: Edited By:Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2022-12-02

On November 22, the 2022 International Conference on the Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application (Shenyang) was held at NEU. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Liaoning Province, it was organized by the National Center for Schooling Development Programme of the Ministry of Education and presented by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province and NEU.

The conference was conducted in the mode of online and offline interaction. Themed Jointly Building 'the Belt and Road' and Working together for Rejuvenation and Development, it focused on such fields as intelligent computing and digital transformation, metallurgy and metal materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials, intelligent chemical engineering and new energy materials, green and low-carbon development, and engineering thermochemistry. NEU hosted two sub-forums, namely Intelligent Computing and Digital Transformation and Metallurgy and Metal Materials. The meeting was attended by more than 300 experts and scholars and 200 postgraduates from universities, research institutes and enterprises in Canada, Russia, Belarus, France, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Austria, Slovakia, Singapore and other countries and regions and foreign experts were invited to give keynote reports at the conference.

NEU has been attaching great importance to international cooperation and integration of industry, education, research and application. Since 2019, NEU has participated in the special work of facilitating international industry-education-research-application cooperation for four consecutive years, and successfully held the international industry-education-research-application cooperation conferences in 2019 and 2022. The work has become an important and effective way for the exchange and cooperation between NEU and the countries along the Belt and Road as well as the high-level international cooperation of NEU. It has played a positive role in promoting NEU's international scientific research cooperation, joint cultivation of talents and discipline construction.

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