NEU is Approved as Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Practice Base for Youth Employment for 2022

Written By: Edited By:Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2022-12-21

Recently, after nationwide self-application, local recommendation and expert review, NEU’s employment practice base was approved as Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Practice Base for Youth Employment for 2022. A total of two universities in Liaoning Province were selected, and NEU was the only university in Shenyang City to be awarded the title.

NEU, which attaches great importance to employment practice, conscientiously implements all relevant provincial policies. Over the past two years, NEU has developed more than 200 intramural internships, and offered standard guidance to students during the entire process by signing internship contracts with them, assigning tutors to them, keeping internship records, funding their internships, and setting up typical examples, helping students enhance their job skills and vocational quality, further achieving full and high-quality employment of graduates.

In the next step, NEU will continue to improve the employment practice system by relying on the demonstration base for youth employment to help graduates take an active part in practice, so as to enhance their professional skills, raise their vocational awareness, and provide with a higher-quality employment practice platform.  

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