NEU President Feng Xiating Met with Executive Vice-chancellor of UTS Iain Watt

Written By: Edited By:Lei Chang, Yuhui WangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2023-03-09

On February 20, Iain Watt, Executive Vice-chancellor of UTS, visited NEU, accompanied by Li Xinqing, Chairman of AEMG and other relevant personnel. Feng Xiating, President of NEU, met with the guests in the NEU International Hotel in the company of Sun Zhenglin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of NEU and Secretary of the Party Committee of NEU at Qinhuangdao, Zhao Yong, Vice-president of NEU at Qinhuangdao, and relevant officials of NEU International Cooperation and Exchange Department and NEU at Qinhuangdao.

President Feng Xiating showed welcome to the visit of Lain Watt and his delegation and introduced the development history, dominant disciplines, interdisciplinary and integrated development, future development layout and centennial anniversary of NEU. Accordingly, Lain Watt introduced the basic situation and philosophy of UTS, as well as its features in the aspects of achievement transformation, industry-university-research cooperation, innovation incentive and entrepreneurship education. Both parties expressed that the two universities are each other's important partners and have broad space for cooperation in the future. They hope to facilitate cooperation in the construction of the International Joint Research Institute of Ocean Engineering and the Overseas Graduate School on the basis of the Sydney Smart Technology College of NEU. They also expect to promote the joint cultivation of high-level talents, the construction of international faculty, scientific research cooperation and achievement transformation.

UTS is a prestigious public research university valuing innovation and a key member of the Australian Technology Network (ANT). It is rated as the 137th globally and the 9th in Australia in the 2023 QS rankings.

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