NEU Participated in the 6th "China Cup" Shenyang Open Regatta

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Update: 2023-11-01

Recently, the 6th "China Cup" Shenyang Open Regatta set sail in the center of city along the Hun River. This year, it is also the first time that the "Shenyang Open Regatta" has been included in the annual competition schedule of the Chinese Rowing Association and officially upgraded to a "national" event. This competition highlights the characteristics of internationalization, youthfulness, and ecology. There are foreign teams from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Japan, South Korea, as well as domestic teams from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tongji University, and Xi'an JiaoTong University; More than thirty rowing teams from NEU, Liaoning University, and other universities gathered here to paddle and race, showcasing Shenyang's "international style". The elite rowing team of NEU, with the spirit of endless "races" and "rowing", singing the NEU centennial celebration of the magnificent movement.

The elite rowing team of NEU participated in all events of the double, 4-person, 8-person, and long-distance 4500-meter roundabout race, winning a total of 2 gold and 2 bronze medals. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the school, many alumni were also invited to participate, making it the team with the largest number of participants.

NEU rowing team is known as the "smartest brain" team, with more than 80% of the team members having doctoral degrees, consisting of more than 20 faculty, staff and students from the College of Information Technology, the College of Computer Science, the College of Life Sciences, the College of Architecture, the Department of Physical Education, the RAL Key Laboratory, the Archives and other departments. In addition, relevant comrades from Rockwell Automation assisted in the competition. The NEU rowing team conducts regular on-water training since May every year, and in August 2022 was presented with a 300,000 RMB eight-person rowing boat donated by an alumnus of NEU's Rockwell Automation Laboratory. This year, with the strong support of the school's labor union, the team members actively trained and continuously improved their competitive level, actively inherited the spirit of NEU's sportsmanship, promoting a high level of sports culture, and contributed to the centennial of NEU, which vividly interpreted NEU's motto of "continuous self-improvement and unity of knowledge and action".

It is reported that in 2021, the Shenyang Open Regatta was selected as the "National Brand Project" by Xinhua News Agency. After five years of cultivation, Shenyang Open Regatta has developed into one of the most influential and attended characteristic event IPs in China. The rowing team of NEU will also continue to strive to become the first team in Chinese university rowing, and help promote NEU's continuous "rowing" towards "a world-class university with Chinese characteristics that plays a leading role in China's new industrialization process".

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