Technical Exchange Meeting for Innovation Alliance of Advanced Aerospace Materials was Held

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Update: 2024-05-21

On May 8, the Technical Exchange Meeting for Innovation Alliance of Advanced Aerospace Materials was held at NEU. Xin Jiang, director of the Science and Technology Management Department of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC), Feng Xu, vice president of NEU, and Guodong Wang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the exchange meeting. Comrades from COMAC, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute and relevant departments of the school attended the meeting.

Feng Xu said that the Innovation Alliance of Advanced Aerospace Materials initiated by COMAC was guided by the major national strategic tasks of Aerospace, and focused on key core technologies and advanced materials in the development of Aerospace by gathering superior resources from the scientific and technological circles and industries to realize technological development. He hoped that the two sides would enhance understanding, rely on the advantages of both sides in industrial resources and scientific research resources, and focus on the needs of COMAC in the fields of materials and control, jointly carry out special technology research and development and scientific and technological research, support the innovation and development of COMAC, and jointly promote the development and innovation of key common technologies and cutting-edge technologies of Aerospace.

Xin Jiang introduced the basic situation of the Innovation Alliance of Advanced Aerospace Materials and COMAC. Xin Jiang said that NEU had the country's leading scientific research strength and talent team in iron and steel metallurgy and related fields, and hoped to further strengthen the deep-level cooperation between the two sides through this exchange, and strengthen the cooperation in advanced technology materials research and other aspects around the demand of Aerospace Materials, so as to provide support for the optimization of the Aerospace Materials and the development and reserve of new materials.

Guodong Wang said that the establishment of the Innovation Alliance of Advanced Aerospace Materials was an important measure to strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, and was of great significance to promote the large aircraft manufacturing industry to gather innovative resources and breakthrough key core technologies. Since its establishment in 2014, the Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology in NEU has focused on the whole process technology of steel, and has made a series of progress in high-end special steel, complex process automation and digital technology. The two sides were expected to work together to accelerate the development and application of new materials, and make due contributions to helping domestic Aerospace go to the world and the development of China's aviation industry.

At the meeting, Academician Guodong Wang made an academic report entitled "Materials Industry and Manufacturing Industry Conspire to Achieve a Great Breakthrough in the Black Box Problem". Participants conducted technical exchanges and discussions on research topics and areas of future cooperation, and initially clarified the specific direction of cooperation and follow-up liaison mechanism between the two parties.

Before the meeting, Xin Jiang and his delegation visited the pilot workshop of the State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation.

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