The Second Chef Skills Competition of the NEU was Held

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Update: 2024-05-30

On May 18, the second Chef Skills Competition of the NEU, titled "Tasting Nutritional Food and Enjoying a Healthy Life," was held on the second floor of the central cafeteria at the Nanhu campus. The activity aims to stimulate the spirit of innovation, improve cooking skills, better serve teachers and students, and further enhance the level of logistics and catering services. Vice President Hui Wang attended the event. More than 20 representatives of experts from Shenyang Cooking Association as well as teachers and students on campus were invited to participate.

Hui Wang's speech stated that catering work is the core area of logistics services, playing an important role in maintaining the normal order of teaching, scientific research, and the lives of teachers and students, and is related to the safety and stability of the campus. As a school logistics personnel, you all have a great responsibility and a glorious mission. The chefs participating in this chef skills competition have a good mental outlook and the competition has rich content. This competition includes not only skills and style showcases, but also expert guidance, teacher-student interaction, and experience exchange, highlighting the excellent quality and cultural heritage of logistics personnel. We hope that the Logistics Service Center can take this chef skills competition as an opportunity to vigorously create a work atmosphere of dedication, skill worship, and striving for excellence, and comprehensively improve the quality and level of catering services.

During the competition, hot dish chefs showcased their unique skills and superb cooking skills by skillfully using various cooking techniques such as frying; The cold dish chefs showcased a high level of artistry and creativity from the dishes to the assorted cold dishes through meticulousness, patience, and love, resulting in a pleasing and satisfying dish effect; The patterned pastry chefs demonstrated skilled craftsmanship and a profound understanding of the characteristics of ingredients through various skills such as kneading, twisting, kneading, color blending, and dough making. Experts from the Shenyang Cooking Association commented on the on-site performance of the contestants and the meticulously cooked dishes.

After being scored by experts and voted by teachers and students, dishes such as iced fresh meat buns, cheese shrimp balls, signature secret pig trotter, Yanzhi yam, and Yushu tofu were awarded the most popular "Top Ten Dishes" award. In terms of personal awards, Fei Kan from Hunnan Second Canteen, Tieming Feng from Central Canteen, and Guiyan Fan from Training Restaurant won the first prize. Yunbo Wang from Training Restaurant, Hongyu Zhang from Training Restaurant, and Birong Li from Flavor Canteen won the second prize. Shiming Wang from Central Canteen, Yang Zhang from Halal Canteen, and Yunmin Chi from Halal Canteen won the third prize. In terms of team awards, the Student City Cafeteria won a gold award, the Central Canteen won a silver award, and the Hunnan First Canteen won a bronze award.

It is reported that the competition project includes three categories: hot dishes, cold dishes, and pastries. The site was divided into a design display area, a dish-making area, and a food-tasting area. A total of 26 chefs, pastry chefs, and cold dish chefs from 10 canteens in the school's Catering Management Service Center participated in the finals. Experts from the Shenyang Cooking Association as well as the teacher and student public jury jointly serve as judges. Some of the dishes selected in this competition will be promoted as new dishes in the cafeteria. In the future, the Logistics Service Center will promote learning via competition and study cooking skills, thus meeting the growing taste, health, and nutritional needs of teachers and students. With full enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the Center will fully devote itself to its work, continuously improve the level of catering services, stimulate inexhaustible innovation, and contribute to the development and progress of the NEU.

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